Want to know if we have the equipment to transport your industrial equipment, machinery or building materials? All it takes is a quick phone call to our team.

STS Heavy Hauling Will Undertake Any Transportation Challenge

There isn’t a transport challenge we can’t meet or an over-dimensional cargo project we can’t accomplish. Our team thrives on solving complex transportation issues, and we can assist with transporting machineries like turbines, condensers, injection mold machines, transformers and other oversized items.

We utilize a variety of transportation options to complete our heavy hauling projects and work toward providing reliable, safe and on-time delivery of all equipment and commodities we’re hired to transport. We aim to exceed expectations in every transportation challenge we undertake, as well as to ensure our clients know they can come to us at any time for future heavy transportation projects.

For Your Industrial Transportation Needs – Rely  on STS Heavy Hauling

From the escort vehicles we provide during the journey to the logistics and route designed to accomplish your move in a timely fashion, we’re adept at every phase of the heavy haul process.

Contact us today with any questions you have about our equipment, services and experience, and we’ll get to work designing a unique transportation solution for your industrial heavy haul needs.

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