Trust in Our Experience to Move Your Wind Turbines & Equipment

The American Wind Energy Association reveals that the wind energy industry is growing so fast that manufacturers and site operators are often without the resources to move super large loads and components.

The crew at STS is here to fill that void and help with transportation.  Whether you’re a manufacturer who must deliver wind turbines to a wind farm under construction or you’re an energy company investing in wind energy and in the process of building a new plant. We can also help you maintain peace of mind with insurance coverage.

We’re Here to Meet the Changing Demands of the Wind Industry

As wind energy continues to expand across the United States, there will be a continued need for heavy hauling companies who can bring blades, tower sections, nacelles and other wind energy equipment to new wind farms. Additionally, advancements in technology and increases in the sizes of wind energy components will require continued advancements in heavy hauling equipment.

We’re ready to meet the challenges of transporting wind energy components of large diameter, as well as the creative logistics required to bring those components from the site of manufacture to their final destination. Our expertise in this area means a cost-effective and successful result on every wind energy transportation project.

Meeting the Unique Challenges of Wind Energy Transport

The wind energy industry represents a unique challenge for heavy hauling companies who must contend with ever-increasing sizes for wind energy equipment. With 40+ years of experience under our belt, we’re ready to grow with the wind energy industry as it expands to farms across the United States.

Contact us today to discuss details about your wind energy transportation needs, as well as for more information about our heavy hauling company and the dedicated team at work behind every successful STS haul.

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